• Paperwork: get control of paper piles; establish a system to manage paperwork; periodic maintenance (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Closets: purge, sort, and organize; create affordable storage solutions to maximize space
  • Bedrooms: create a peaceful, uncluttered environment in which to begin and end each day
  • Kitchens: evaluate space and create orderly area at the center of your home
  • Storage Areas (Attics, Basements, etc.): purge, sort, and organize: pack and label so that things are protected and easy to find
  • Garages: create a system to organize tools, sports equipment, toys, outdoor items, etc. so that all items are accessible and safely stored
  • Relocation: pack and/or unpack entire home for you to minimize stress and expedite move
  • Downsizing: considerately and thoughtfully assist you in purging and organizing your belongings